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Retractable Awning from SunSquare – electric canopy with automatic wind sensor

Sun Square retractable awning provides sun and rain protection
The customised installation of a Sun Square retractable awning will offer a stunning architectural element to provide shade in large areas. If you have a balcony, roof terrace or patio that catches a great deal of sun, you’ll be thrilled to find this modern, versatile awning to keep you sheltered from the elements. Individually adapted to each customer’s unique requirements, the Sun Square electric canopy awning was developed in 1994 to circumvent the design deficiencies of traditional awnings. Instead, Norbert Kautzky and Mag. Gerald Wurz made real their vision of triangular sails which are electrically rolled over a central shaft, without the need to be connected to a large construction or applying pressure to the house walls. It will not tear in the wind; it is designed to be flexible by up to half a metre, and will roll up automatically if it senses the wind speed is too high. Suitable for a variety of building types, the Sun Square will complement modern builds, likewise, it looks right at home with historic, landmark buildings. Catch the trend that is spreading through Europe… contact SunSquare today for more information and prices.
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Sun Square sale-like awning installed over large patio
Sun Square awning comes with wind sensor


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