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Kohler Carafe Filtered Water Kitchen Faucet

A beautiful faucet that sweeps up from the countertop, the Kohler Carafe kitchen faucet offers fresh filtered water with impeccable sophistication. A glamorous arching spout reaches over the sink to fire a fine stream of pure water into your glass. The perfect compliment to entertainment sinks and bar installations, the Carafe conveniently provides pure clean water at the turn of a lever. From the branching base the Kohler Carafe kitchen faucet offers a single lever control and a 360 degree swivel spout. Crafted from Vibrant Stainless, the K-18865-VS faucet gleams and shines as light plays across its curving surface. With clean arching lines and a sculptural base, Kohler Filtered Water Faucet provides the luxury of fine filtered water from a stylish kitchen fixture.


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