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Stylish Kitchens That Scream Timeless

Whether you spend your days cooking, or you enjoy entertaining your guests the kitchen is always a busy space. Keeping that in mind, you want your kitchen to represent your personality while still having a timeless, authentic feel. We have put together a guide to help you create a stylish kitchen’s that scream timeless every time you entire the room- here’s how to do just that.

Quartz Countertops

Create a modern touch by having two different kinds of quartz in the kitchen, the key is keeping the colors similar to one another. Doing so will expand the room in a simplistic manner. 

Skip the hassle of having a granite countertop by replacing it with quartz. Quartz needs less upkeeping while having that timeless appeal we all know and love. Additionally, quartz is a whole lot more cost effective which is always great when you are upgrading a space. Furthermore, the natural shimmers come to life when it is paired with other similar hues.

Open Floor Plan

Whether you have a smaller room or a larger one having an open floor plan will immediately open up the room in a seamless type of manner.

Tear down any constricting walls and bring out the beauty of the room with an airiness that allows you to feel more involved with your guests even if you’re cooking. There is no longer the pressure of having to have an extremely formal space trends over time have evolved, and we are now looking at bringing entertainment even to the kitchen. Therefore, in order to do just that the kitchen needs to be open and grand.

A Twist on Cooking

Another option when using an induction stove is that you can basically have it anywhere in the kitchen, you aren’t confined to a specific space. Instead, place it where it’s most convenient for you.

While most of us are used to electric or heat stoves, kitchens are now becoming a bit more modern with a timeless feel, which is where induction cooking comes into play. Induction cooking is not only safer, but it’s faster, and it’s very much aesthetically pleasing. So much so, that even smaller kitchens can benefit from having this feature as it will remain cooler during long hours of cooking.

Everything one Level

Even though everything is one level, paint your kitchen island a bright hue to bring a modern twist while allowing the space to make a statement on its very own.

Typically, kitchen islands are a bit higher in height then most of the decor in a kitchen; however, we are now looking at single-level islands as the stylish way of bringing a timeless feel to the area. Having one level throughout the entire room brings an intimate, chic approach is effortless expanding kind of way.

LED Lighting

LED lights give you the ability to personalized the lighting in your kitchen. You can choose to add one row or multiple rows in as many colors as you would enjoy.

Thanks to technology continuing to evolve LED lights have lost their striking, almost scary approach and have now become useful and fun to incorporate when you want a different kind of vibe. Use LED lights to eliminate negative spaces, brighten up a kitchen island, or bring direct lighting to your cabinetry. LED lights have become quite energy-efficient and long lasting; therefore, no need to worry about them.

Hidden Appliances

The beauty of having concealed appliances is your room will feel large no matter what. This is mainly due to having that seamless cohesiveness throughout.

Tired of seeing your appliances as the main statement in your kitchen? Try blending your appliances in with your counters. This idea takes decorating to new heights by allowing you customize where and how your appliances are displayed, you can have them as a stand-alone element or as part of your counter décor.

White it Out

If you do not want to include bold hues as part of your accessories consider using shades of black instead. Dark hues will make the signature contrast you want without taking away from the all-white space.

White kitchens are not only a classic, but they will never go out of style. You’re more likely to fall out of love with bold hues and bold décor than an all-white space. Keeping that mind, adding bold accessories is the way to go, to keep the area fresh even though it is an all-white space.

Fewer Cabinets

If you need the cabinet space yet don’t want to have that upper cabinet area consider using shelves. The shelves are perfect for displaying what you need without the clutter.

Less is more, and that is proven through minimal décor. There is a beautiful effect that happens then the décor is minimal yet makes an impact on its own. The best way to do this is by having a few cabinets in the upper area of your kitchen. This look is airy and put together while still being trendy.

Wood Flooring

While most of us love the look and feel of wood floors, not everyone can afford them. Which is where plank flooring will come in handy. You might even want to create the same look with wood-like tiles. 

Wood floors have always been a good idea in the kitchen it gives them a warm feeling that is difficult to create in any other manner. However, while hardwood floors are all the rage, wood-like floors are too. Instead of investing in expensive flooring invest in plank material that appears like wood yet is not as expensive as wood.

Grand Sinks

If you feel as if your kitchen is missing something, a grand kitchen sink could be exactly what you need. It’s bold, it modern and it’s quite the glamorous piece.

As spaces become more open, and appliances begin to disappear, sinks will become grander and more involved. While sinks used to be an afterthought they are now the main focus. The key is having a large sink that makes a statement without taking away from your décor, doing so will brighten the room and enhance the area.

Which of these timeless kitchens are you inspired by? Share with us your ideas below.


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