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Kitchen Lounge Concept – Modium Kitchens by KicheConcept

modium kitchen lounge Kitchen Lounge Concept   Modium Kitchens by KicheConcept
The Modium kitchen by KicheConcept bring together the kitchen and lounge concepts into one terrific look. It’s no longer necessary to strictly delineate rooms according to their purpose, as we did in the past. Now, as ever, the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, now we are proud to welcome guests deep into our homes and entertain them in a most revealing room… the kitchen. Indeed, who wouldn’t be proud of the bold, black and white Modium kitchen? It’s a thoroughly modern look with blocky units, heavy on the storage. No matter how many gadgets you accumulate, there will always be space to tuck them away out of sight. The kitchen is streamlined, handles are integral and a sleek stainless steel worktop dominates the vista. So with this striking, perpetually tidy kitchen, KicheConcept have combined a living-room-esque seating area. A lovely leather lounge is scattered with cushions and illuminated by a gracious standing lamp. Modium is a cosy kitchen from German company KicheConcept.
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modium kitchen lounge 1 Kitchen Lounge Concept   Modium Kitchens by KicheConcept



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