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Home office Ideas to Improve Productivity

Anyone who works from home, or has considered it, can greatly benefit from having a home office. Whether the office is used to work, study, or even as a space to enjoy some quiet time, creating a home office you can be productive is key. Fortunately, creating a space that’s perfect for you, is quite easy and effective. The following home office ideas will improve your productivity to the max.

Give yourself a Nook

The simple act of sectioning an area, where you can work quietly and focus is perfect for those that want to remain in the same space yet have a secluded area.

Giving yourself a designated space that is dedicated to you and your creativity, is one of the easiest ways of bringing more productivity to your home. Find this specific space by scanning your home and finding an area that is a bit away from the main focus of your home. Once you find this area you want to keep it as simple as possible by bringing in a chair, your laptop, or desktop and bringing in a mirror. Keeping it minimal will give you the tool you need without the distraction of other items.

Vivid Accessories

Keeping your space organized yet colorful can make a huge difference in the way you work. Not only will it enable you to focus on one section at a time, but it will force you to want to keep your decor put together and vivid.

If you already have a home office, and simply want to revamp it-its time to bring in vivid accessories. Adding accessories that are bright and eye-catching can make any space feel engaging and fun. Fun might not be the approach you’re going for when you are working with a home office, but it can instantly make an area come to life. Bring in bright pieces and pair them with other daring wording for a cohesive approach.

Add a Sofa

Pair your colorful sofa with an intricate sofa to make the most out of creating a contrast in the room. The room should feel as personal as possible.

Sometimes a room needs a cozy factor. What better way to add any type of comfort than by bringing in a sofa? This works quite well for those that spend a lot of time working from their home office. It’s the perfect touch for a room that has a lot of space and needs something extra. Add a bold sofa and enjoy taking a call or two when you need to step away from your desktop.

Opt for Chalkboard Paint

The benefit of having a chalkboard wall is how versatile it is. You can draw on it for inspiration, you can write a weekly schedule or you can plan your next move right in your office.

For those that are known to take constant notes, whether that be on paper or through a computer program, bringing in a chalkboard wall could be the spice the room needs. Chalkboard walls are all about effective productivity without taking up much room. Paint the wall behind your new home office with chalkboard paint and take advantage of all the room you have to take new notes or even make lists of upcoming events.

Patterns and more Patterns

When in doubt of how to work with patterns, consider using a bold wallpaper and pairing it with a rug. The key is remaining in the same range yet bringing some versatility to the space.

There’s something about patterns that brings focus to a specific area. Patterns not only add texture where you might need it most, but they give character. Blend two or more patterns and have them displayed together. You want to bring them side by side or across from one another for the ultimate showcase. Keep your patterned items in the same color palette for a cohesive aesthetic.


One of the most used items you can display in your open shelving is books. Books are great as they bring in color and kind of force you to want to read more often.

Whether you have a smaller area to work with or a large one- space is always very much needed. To create that space that you need consider adding shelves. The idea is to add shelving that area functional and effective without cluttering the room. Elongate your space by putting your shelves on a higher scale. The higher your shelves the larger the room will appear.

Decorate with Greenery

If you really want to take it to the next level when it comes to your greenery, consider a plant wall. It takes your decor to the next level while making the room feel grander and full of color.

Adding a touch of freshness can instantly make your office space feel grand. Not only will it feel grand, but bringing in plants of multiple different sizes can create texture and color. It’s all about having the right kind of plants and displaying them cohesively. Bring in greenery you don’t have to maintain often, you want something easy and charming that doesn’t need much sunlight or watering.

Minimal, Please

Keeping it minimal, does not mean boring, therefore, you can keep it minimal yet, add a colorful element to make the room come to life easily and quickly.

Say, you don’t have much space yet have a need for a home office, the key is keeping it minimal. What this means is you keep the room authentic to what you already have, and simply work around it to give yourself an office. Bring in a table and chair that pairs with the room’s aesthetic and you got yourself a unique office that’s minimal and engaging.

Bold Accent Wall

Having an accent wall doesn’t mean it needs to be bold, it can work with your same color palette the key is allowing it to be the main focus of the room without overtaking the decor you already have displayed.

Upgrade your home office by giving it an accent wall. Having an accent wall will make your space feel chic and charming while engaging the décor you already have. Furthermore, having an accent wall will make the room feel new and fresh. Pair your accent wall with neutral bits to ensure the wall is the main focus of the room every time.

Floating Desk

Keep your floating desk long if you want multiple people to use it or if you want to work on multiple projects at a time.

When in doubt of what kind of desk to use consider a floating one. Having a floating desk will allow you to pair it with numerous decorative bits without cluttering the room. It’s all about giving your floating desk the spotlight it deserves. This can be done by working with items that scale perfectly with your floating desk.

When it comes to boosting productivity at home, what do you do? Share with us your tips and tricks below.



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