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Granite Fire Pit from Stone Forest – new fire vessels and fire bowls collection

A granite fire pit produced by Stone Forest is suitable to lighten every modern exterior. Taking their names from ancient gods, the fire vessels and fire bowls collection is innovative. All hand carved from granite, they offer strong visuals. The pits can accommodate a gas line, and gas kits can be provided by Stone Forest. The Helios Fire Vessel has a perfect sculpted shape, and the base is included. All the finishes are left with a rough appearance. Instead, the Saturn Fire Pit keeps only the base with this rough aspect, combining it with a polished upper part. This model comes either in black or blue-gray, depending on the color of the granite that was used for the making. An important note is that, being made from natural stone, these fire vessels are nature friendly and generate a cosy and warm atmosphere. The perfect products to place outdoors come now in the form of a dedicated collection of natural stone fire pits from Stone Forest.



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