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15 Glitter Accents Perfect For Jazzing Up The House

On the walls, on the sofa, or in the bedroom, there are an infinite number of ways to utilize a bit of shimmer and shine throughout your home. Not only does it bring in some feminine touches but it adds a vibrant, youthful spirit to the mix as well. Let’s check out some of our favorite finds. These 15 glitter accents are truly perfect for jazzing up the house.

Urban Outfitters has this amazing sequins tapestry up for grabs! Golding and glittering, highlight a spot throughout the home with this easy piece. Whether it’s a makeshift headboard or a way to add some personality to the playroom, it’s such a focal, artistic accent for the home.

We’re absolutely swooning for these little critter throw pillows we found over at PBteen. We love them even more because of their extra bouts of pizzazz – AKA that glitter! Highlight the bedrooms, guest areas, or even you home office with one of these cuties.

If you run over to Amazon, you’ll be able to snatch a set of these gorgeous, sparkling curtains for your dining room or home office. For those that are looking for a unique, modern, yet feminine touch, these will surely do the trick. They come in some other shades as well if you’re looking for different neutrals.

Walmart had some great options as well, including this reversible, sequined blanket. Add some shimmer and shine to some unsuspecting places. The sofa, your footstool in the bedroom, or even your office chair inside the computer room.

Another really classic walt o add some glitter to your home is found over at Bloomingdale’s. This Kate Spade design is such a popular one, because it’s practical and full of vibrant sparkles. Have your favorite memories framed in a bit more style.

We’re loving these sequined hangers over at Etsy. Yeah, you can be totally “extra” and hang your clothes this way. Or, you can be a bit quirkier and use them to hang pieces as art around your home. You can even hang your tapestries this way!

Jaderbomb shows off how to make your very own glitter home accents. And this time it comes in the form of your new favorite coffee mug. Take the glitter to the coffee and check out the tutorial after the jump.

Bed Bath & Beyond had some amazing over-the-door mirrors to take advantage of but, of course, this glittering piece is what caught our eye. Getting ready in the morning can be so much more cheerful with some sparkle included into your routine. And we love this unique, neutral tone as well – perfect for blending.

You can do the same thing to your candles! Add some glitter to make your plain Jane collection a bit more stylish and personalized. Check out how to get yourself started over at One O DIY.

If you look hard enough, you can accent your home with pieces that are a bit bigger. We found this gorgeous chair over on Glitter Furniture Co. And we obviously fell in love at first sight. Add a pop of color, texture, and shine to your home with this one.

Whether it’s for a celebration, a holiday, or just because you feel like it,  you can always add some glitter to the kitchen table as well. Just check out this tablecloth we found over at AliExpress! Everything is super affordable there and unique too!

Some glitter accent bowls could do your kitchen, side tables, or coffee nook a world of difference. And, instead of shopping for them, you could have a really good time making them instead. All you have to do is check out I Heart Nap Time to grab the deets.

A Pumpkin And A Princess dipped some champagne glasses in glitter for a quick and dirty DIY. This is a great gift ideas as well. But, more importantly, it’s a way to add some sparkle and shine to an area that will always welcome a bit more.

A Beautiful Mess will show you how to transform a regular ol’ serving tray into something a lot more special. Visit now and follow along with the tutorial. You’ll even get some good styling ideas by checking out the page.

And finally, if you check out PBteen you’ll find these snazzy storage bins. In closets, in the playroom, or even in your office, these are quite a glam way to organize your home. They’d be great for sending off your teen to college with too.


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