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Decorating With Pink Accents: 20 Ways to Create This Look

Pinks can sometimes be deemed as too feminine for most people but actually it’s just one of colours you can use to add more life into your home. Think of it as accents. Whether it’s something bright, blushed or mixed in with another colour, it will always appear as something that can light up a room. Here we’ve compiled 20 ways for to add this bit of touch into your home.

11. Classic Pink Table Decors

If you like having greeneries in your home you don’t have to stick with the usual browns and greys to hold it up. Consider using a powder shade of pink and mix it up with quirky patterns to add a bit of fun into the space.

Pink Bedroom Sheets

How about using pinks in your bedroom? This one has a bit of a grey tone to it so it appears more subtle and cozy.

Pink Walls

Pink walls might not be everyone’s cup of tea especially when it comes to their workspace. But if it’s combined it with patterned grey walls, black and white accents and textured pieces then the space looks more interesting while using pink as your main focal point.

Pink Screen Workspace

Here is another example of adding pink into your workspace. If a full on wall is too much of a risk, we suggest using it in your home screen instead or perhaps in your garlands or wall decors.

Pink Cabinet

An industrial piece can look more interesting and toned down if it comes in an subtle and unexpected colour. The juxtaposition of both hard mental and soft pink gives that perfect contrast that can appeal to any gender.

Pink Doors

Pink doors if it’s done in a subtle shade can look very pretty and distinct. Combine that with a white door frame and patterned textile floors and you’ve got yourself an entrance where everyone will talk about.

Funky Pink Living Room

If you’re one of the brave, then a hot pink accent rug with funky patterns might just something you wanted to add to bring more life into your room. Here you would see that this big piece compliments well with the other decors around it like the pink patterned pillows and paintings.

white and pink room

Pinks and golds are one of those colours when combined can look absolutely classy. But rather than sticking with the usual styles and shapes of furniture, pick something that has more futuristic look to it.

pink interior

Decorations with the same tone of pink in two different angles of the room can also look very appealing. If you have a big space like this, it’s good to add in other neutral tones so everything looks like it’s one big canvas.

pink chair

If you have a corner in your room that needs to filled, then this is one of the ways you can do it. A vintage pink chair combined with a stack of books on the side and a quirky art piece gives it a bit more life and character.

Pink Dining

Thinking of using this colour into your dining space? We suggest you do and you don’t have to stick with the usual wooden or cushion chairs either. In fact, an acrylic materials like this makes it look more modern and fun.

Blush Pink Kitchen

This can probably a bit too much for some but it’s one of the ways you can use this colour with a bit of retro vibe to it. As you can see it’s all in the same colour with just the white to balance it all out.

Subtle Pink Kitchen

If you prefer something more subtle in your kitchen then these small retro appliances works just as well. Add a bit of bronze or rose gold touch in your crisp white space and you’re all set.

pink kids room

A kids room maybe more appropriate to use this colour all over but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring either. In fact, this is where you can play it all up and mix in other colours such as yellows and greens too.

Pink Wall Decal

You don’t have to stick to using furniture and accent pieces to use pink. You can also use a wall decal. It’s great way to fill in an empty space without having to think about it too much.

Pink Sofa

A pink cushioned type of sofa might throw a lot of people back. But furniture like this adds a nice touch to a very black and white predominant space. It just pops up really well and it makes the space more happier to look at.

pink roses desk

Adding flowers onto your desk is one of the most inexpensive way to add this pop of colour. Mix it with different shades of pinks and purples or even the flowers itself.

pink pillows

If flowers is not your thing then throw pillows might just do the trick. Here you can see a modern version with some inspiring quotes and fun patterns.

pink and yellow interior

Pinks and yellows are also a great combination. But it doesn’t have to be two big pieces all at the same time. Consider one as bigger piece and the other can serve as an accent instead.

Pink Shower Curtain

A pink shower curtain is also a great starting point when it comes to using a very feminine colour. But what makes this more interesting is the use of a very old European style of wall painting to compliment it all together.{found on decorpad}.


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