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11 Yellow Kitchen Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

The kitchen is one of the most loved and used areas of the home, so why not give it the chance to be the main focus of the home by making it yellow. A yellow kitchen is the latest trend to be taking over interior decorating. Here are a few yellow kitchen ideas that will help not only brighten the space but brighten your entire home.

Mellow Yellow

Bold hues of yellow may not be for everyone which is why a pastel hue may be the perfect addition to your kitchen. Pair it with marble and shades of white to elevate the softness in the yellow hues. The idea is to have the hue of yellow be the main focus while the rest of the decor pairs perfectly.

If you are hesitant about adding a yellow hue to your kitchen a soft wash of yellow could be exactly what you need. The color is pretty pastel and works well with multiple different shades of wood and kitchen furniture.

Bright Appliances

Want a retro twist? The answer is simple interchange your regular appliances with bold yellow ones. The richness of a bold shade of yellow will provide the retro touch while still bringing your kitchen back to life. Add touches of yellow around the kitchen area to bring everything together.

Bright appliances can be the answer to all your color dilemmas. They are easy to change, come in multiple different vivid hues and make a splash anywhere they are placed. If you have an all-white kitchen this is perfect because it adds that punch of much-needed color while still allowing the white to make sense in the room.

Yellow Tidbits

Tidbits of yellow work well in a darker decorated kitchen, it brings the darker hues back to life while softening the appearance of them. Add yellow lighting for a bright touch that makes sense in the area while still bringing that your entire decor together.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of such a cheery color. Therefore, if you still want to use the color in your kitchen, consider using it in small doses. The idea is to add yellow tidbits here and there to add that punch of color. Keep the rest of the décor simple to allow the brightness of the colors to stand out.

Mustard Backsplash

For that masculine appeal apply a bold mustard accent wall in a wooden filled kitchen. Doing so will brighten the kitchen while still being masculine. The key is having numerous different hues of wood in one single area. The diversity of using two different shades of wood with yellow as an accent wall bring everything together.

Go bold and in your face, but still masculine with a mustard backsplash. The idea is to have a daring hue take center stage while still having that masculine feel to them. Pair it with a monochrome palette for the best outcome.

Yellow Cabinets

Forget everything you know about kitchen cabinets and just remember this one rule “you can always paint them.” Yes, that is correct you can always paint your kitchen cabinets a bold hue even if you don’t like it. The idea is to customize it to your liking so that your kitchen is always the best area of your home.

Give your cabinets the spotlight they deserve by having them painted yellow. A bold hue of yellow will make all the difference in how spacious your kitchen appears. Pair the yellow cabinets with bright and sunny flowers for the perfect seamless combination.

Funky Tiles

Funky tiles are just that, they are funky, fun and modern. Having tiles in the kitchen is not a new thing but having them in yellow and multiple different vivid hues is. The key is having them displayed in a way that they become the focal point of the entire kitchen.

Tiles are pretty much a kitchen essential, but funky tiles are a trendy option. Opt for funky tiles that come in bold hues. In this case, consider funky tiles that create a pattern and have yellow in them. The bold color paired with other vibrant shades will work especially well in a kitchen with a neutral palette.

Matching Trim

If you already have a yellow kitchen but it seems like it is missing something, a yellow trim could be just the thing you are missing. The key is having a bold trim that goes all around the kitchen for the perfect put together look. Pair it with darker furniture for a beautiful contrast. 

Frame your kitchen space with a yellow trim that accentuates your current décor. The key is having yellow already incorporated in the kitchen and having the trim be the perfect touch of color that makes sense.


Yellow barstools happen to be an all-time favorite for us because of the boldness and freshness that they bring to any room. There is the contemporary feel that comes from a yellow stool but having them in a neutral room just brings them to another level. The uniqueness of it is charming. 

Yellow bar stools could be just what your kitchen needs for that contemporary look that simply works. The idea is to have the pop of color make sense in the room. Use bold yellow for a bright touch or pastel yellow for a softer hue.


Even if you already have a mellow yellow kitchen add a few art pieces that compliment the hue for the perfect contrast. The key is working with paintings that have hints of yellow already in them for that well-deserved contrast. Cluster them together or have one big painting for the best outcome that makes sense.

Get artsy with a yellow bold art piece that brings your kitchen back to life. The idea is to work in the vibrant color softly in an artsy kind of way. Have one large art piece or multiple different smaller pieces for the perfect layout.

Lemon Hints

Lemons are replaceable which makes them a top contender when it comes to decorating with them. Add them in a bowl and place them around the kitchen area. To complete the look add other elements in yellow that will enhance the brightness of the lemons.

Want a removable shade of yellow in the kitchen? Add lemons. Lemons are not only a simple of good luck, but they are also a bold hint of color that can be interchanged whenever you choose to do so. This is a great way to add the vivid hue without compromising your décor.

Yellow chairs

Many kitchen areas are large enough to have a small dining table with a few chairs. Which is where yellow chairs will come into play. Pair a neutral table with yellow chairs for that pop of color that makes sense. Use the hues of yellow that are bold enough to standout. 

If you have your dining table as part of your kitchen décor add yellow chairs or even gold for that touch of yellow that makes sense in the kitchen space. The beauty is maintaining the space simple, but with the yellow pops of color that bring out the elegance in the space.

Do not be afraid of such a vivid hue instead embrace it and add it to your kitchen.


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