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Glazed Porcelain Tiles Titanio by Mallol – the metallic reflection tile

Titanium porcelain tile by Mallol can enhance your interior spaces and create an amazing focal point for your home. The Titanio series of glazed porcelain tiles is a unique tile line that is perfect for a variety of applications. The outstanding quality that differentiates this tile from others is its multi-colored surface that is composed of multiple hues and a brilliant metallic sheen that changes the appearance of the tiles surface as you pass by it. The combination of shiny and matte finishes that occur on each colorful tile give it an exquisite textural quality that can turn a dull surface into an amazing work of art. These 40cmX60cm tiles can be used for decorating interior surfaces as well as for cladding exterior facades. It can also be specified in two finishes: Titanio Ocre (Titanium Ochre) and Titanio Oxido (Titanium White). Mallol


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