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Futuristic LED Bathtub Nirvana “feels like drifting through the galaxy”

With comfort for the moment and a nod toward the future, this unusual bathtub design by BathroomTomorrow has it all – aesthetic, environmental and ergonomic appeal. The futuristic LED bathtub, Nirvana, really is a little piece of paradise. It features sleek, sexy curves that suit any modern, contemporary bathroom. The bathtub gets is smooth, seamless look through the processing of high-grade acrylic, called i-Crylic. The translucent nature of the tub really showcases its 360 LED light spots, setting this whole piece aglow with soothing color. Enjoy the relaxing, rejuvenating attributes of this chromatherapy bathtub while sinking into the water’s warm embrace. But technology doesn’t spoil the look of this stylish bathtub – the touch controls are integrated into the tub’s sleek, smooth design. A handy electronic tap and automatic fill/stop function add convenience to comfort. Check out the futuristic bathtub of tomorrow, at BathroomTomorrow.



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