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Futuristic Kitchen Designs by Snaidero – Ola20

If you consider yourself a kitchen connoisseur, or you simply appreciate good design, Italian company Snaidero has a new futuristic kitchen that’s sure to impress. Marking the company’s 20-year milestone, the Ola20 is as weird as it is wonderful. The island is the centerpiece of this stunning design, boasting an unusual sculptural base. Create a custom look from a rainbow of hues available in matte or high-gloss lacquer, high-gloss metalized lacquer or laminate finishes; with worktops of laminate, glazed stainless steel, wood tiles, marble and granite or quartz stone. It’s easy to suit it to your style preferences – splash up your space with vibrant hues, take the all-white modern minimalism route, or take the understated, neutral approach for a timeless appeal. Adding function to fashion, this futuristic kitchen offers plenty of storage via cupboards, drawers, base and wall units with integrated lighting to illuminate your workspace and the elegant features. Added features include sweet treats like cutlery drawers, knife blocks, built-in shelves, wine storage and more – everything the kitchen gourmet could ask for. You have to see it to believe it, so check it out at Snaidero.



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