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Fun and Fabulous – the Flower Vanity from Duebi Italia

Duebi Italia Flower bathroom vanity looks like a splash of water
A vivid, visual expression of your cheerful personality: the Flower Vanity from Duebi Italia. A frivolous and light-hearted interpretation of the shape of a flower, this vanity will add an abstract air of modern design and vitality to your bathroom. A refreshing change from ultra-feminine floral patterns, the bold, inspired design will appeal to nature lovers both male and female. The organic shape of the white porcelain sink could indeed easily be interpreted a splash of water, also an ideal motif for a bathroom vanity. The washbasin sits atop a solid double cupboard in a dark shade or vibrant red. The cupboard provides handy storage space and slim vertical handles for a clean look. Once again, Italian design leads the crowd with the wonderful Flower Vanity by Duebi Italia. How about another playful vanity chosen by Trendir…
Duebi Italia Flower vanity appeals to nature lovers
Duebi Italia Flower vanity as a double cupboard in vibrant red

Duebi Italia white porcelain sink shaped as flower shown from the bottom


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