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Fun And Fabulous Renovated 1930s Apartment


Located in Johanneberg, Gothenburg this 1930s apartment showcases Scandinavian design at its best. The original herringbone flooring points towards the dining space – as does the 5 rows of white shelving. Although void of any colour pops, the Arne Jacobson wallpaper that wraps the dining room walls are a bold black and white pattern that command attention. Although in this view, no design elements use any colours other then black and white, the shelving is full of colourful books and accessories.

Once inside the dining area a small cabinet of bright and bold colour squares presents itself. The size of the squares is large enough not to compete with the smaller pattern in the wallpaper. The chairs playfully alternate from black to white, as does the art on the wall. The contemporary chandelier is a smart choice of intricate detail that is neither fussy nor delicate, and while in any other space it might feel overpowering, against the backdrop of the walls it is barely noticeable. On the far wall is the entrance to the kitchen.
On the other side of the shelving is a window overlooking the balcony with a hot water register below. The repeating pattern created by the register fits right in with the repeats in the wallpaper, shelving and herringbone floor. A small black shelf above it introduces a pop of black to tie in with the Dining area. Through the balcony door we see another black and white pattern used on the deck chairs.
The white corrugated privacy screening used in the deck railing repeats the pattern of the hot water registers that are on both sides of deck entrance.
Layered on top of the decking are woven throw rugs in striped patters. Pots of colourful flowers are strategically placed for hits of pink and the furnishings are the same wood tones as the decking to keep the space feeling light and airy.
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Across from the Dining Room is the living space. Here the touches of glam pattern are kept to the abundance of pillows on the neutral couch . The TV is tucked into the corner and two black and white pictures are hung on the wall beside it to draw the eye over to the sitting area. Here a larger group of 3 pictures are hung to then bring your eye down onto the focus of the room – the sitting area. A small curved coffee table keeps the space uncluttered and easy to move around in.
Around the corner from the living space is a small office nook, here there is a round cut out that overlooks the dining room and across from the desk is the entrance to the bedroom.
While the bedroom is small it has everything the homeowner needs in the space, a comfortable bed, a full length mirror, a place to toss clothing and a large wardrobe.
Past the bedroom and the office area is the entry hall and here the homowner has added a splash of hot fuschia in a narrow cabinet against another black and white wallpaper. This paper is far more subdued in keeping with the narrow space.
Behind the Dining Room is the kitchen and peaking through the doorway is a hit of cheerful yellow on the kitchen table. A chalk board is painted on the wall and the cabinets are kept to a lacquered white.
The Bathroom is a study in white. The walls are tiled in 4″x4″ white tiles with a running board of blue. The floor is done with 3″x6″ pale blue subway tiles and the cabinets are white. The only variation of colour comes from the towel basket.


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