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Arclinea Kitchen – Eco-compatible kitchen Italia with greenhouse

Arclinea Kitchen Italia - click to enlarge
If you love cooking, and care about the environment, the Italia Kitchen from Arclinea (an Eco-compatible kitchen complete with its own greenhouse) will be just perfect for you. The Italia is a fully professional kitchen – enabling restaurant-style cooking experiences in the comfort of your own home. Careful planning has resulted in a layout with wide workspaces, comprehensive cooktops, and accessible and spacious tall units that bring all you need instantly to your fingertips. Double sinks allow for food preparation in one side and pots and pans in the other – a totally hygienic solution. Smoothly brushed stainless steel abounds, their cool, clean look tempered by wonderful, warm ceiling-high teak wall-units, which coordinate with the fabulous slatted teak table. And for the freshest herbs ever, there is even an indoor miniature greenhouse. This greenhouse replicates the daily sun cycle for healthy herbs that are bursting with flavour all year round.
It’s crucial for modern consumers to make the right choice for the environment – that’s why it’s so refreshing to find a company like Arclinea. They make it easy to choose a gorgeous kitchen like the Italia, and then rest assured that the company applies itself consistently to increasing the use of environmentally friendly materials and practices. You can have the beauty of teak veneered units and table without the worry: it’s sustainably farmed. Indeed, the use of “Ecological Panels” composed of 100% recycled and regenerated wood means that the wood in the kitchen is even more hard-wearing and resistant than normal wood. The stainless steel, glass and aluminium that feature in the Italia Eco-compatible kitchen are recyclable. Less obvious might be the way Arclinea seeks to avoid polluting our natural world. The company utilises constructive parts with low formaldehyde emission – this can only be a good thing – and uses water-based paints and lacquers. Total compliance with local and governmental legislation comes naturally to Arclinea… leaving you only the pure enjoyment of the Italia kitchen.
Life-enhancing technological innovations come as standard with the Italia kitchen.
Hooks and hanging shelves providing just the right storage places for all accessories come in hygienic and smart anodized aluminium. Keep your favourite jars of condiments close at hand, noting new ideas on the pull-down screen blackboard.
A special shelf for all your small appliances (the MAC – Mini Appliances Container) keeps all those daily-use essentials (and their messy cords!) conveniently out of the way. The 4 more MACs hold dual dishwashers and double oven.
A tempered glass divider with suction filter is operated at the touch of a button, raising the height to contain splashes and odours from the stovetop. The touch-control button and the power-setting controls are located on the Totem, a retractable control tower.
Likewise, a powerful overhead extractor fan hovers as an effective island hood, with tie rods for telescopic ceiling bearing. Available in many sizes.
The sink offers optional accessories, such as draining racks and chopping boards, designed to make like easier.
A dustbin can be integrated into the countertop, neatly covered with a stainless steel top – ideal to collect food scraps for composting. And to ensure you recycle efficiently; the handy pull-out refuse area provides separate bins for different waste.
Last – but certainly not least – the table boasts a motorised Up-Down system to allow different heights for socialising, food preparation, or work purposes.
Storage is always imperative to the overall ergonomic success of a kitchen. Arclinea has tried to anticipate all storage needs with the creative solutions offered. An overhead, illuminated cupboard comes with a rack ideal for keeping your plates at eye-level. Sliding drawers make it simple to store ingredients in lovely glass jars – so you can see exactly what you need to put on the shopping list. Equally, the container-equipped pantry opens right up to 180 degrees ensuring every item is effectively at the front – no rooting around at the back of a cupboard! All neatly tucked away behind cupboard doors, sliding, easy-access drawers make the Italia kitchen from Arclinea an absolute dream to use.


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