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French country style – the timeless Dining Table Ursuline from Provence & Fils

Inspired by Louis XIII French tables, the Ursuline captures elegant historical decoration in a subtle modern style. Pale stained wood ripples with rich shadow accenting the fine carving. Each of the Usuline’s legs spirals up to meet the deep refined table top. On this surface, the pale wood frames dark zinc plates, for wonderful contrast and a durable work top. Beneath each of the zinc panels is a matching pale wood drawer that is perfect for storing cutlery and napkins close to hand. Elegant and refined, the Ursuline table provides French country style furniture in a modern subdued finish that lets you blend this glorious wood work with other contemporary furnishings. Created by Provence & Fils, the Ursuline captures the romance and beauty of European history in a new stunning style perfect for home.


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