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Fireplace as a Room Divider – space partitioning idea

Using a fireplace as a room divider is a great space partitioning idea that can add some major interest to your open plan. Sometimes living in a glorious open plan such as this one has its downsides. boo hoo, right? But, thinking about delineating different areas is extremely important for comfort and proper functioning in the space. If you don’t come up with solutions to achieve this, the space will end up feeling disorganized and random … not what you want to associate with home. A large fireplace (hopefully double sided!) such as this one, is a great way to divide the kitchen from the living room. By the same token, a fireplace immediately increases the cozy factor of a room, which is also of major value in such a vast space. Olson Kundig Architects
Image credit: Tim Bies.
via PlataformaArquitectura.



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