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Minimalist Kitchen from Cesar – new Yara Kitchen lets wood take center stage

Cesar Yara Kitchen in teak with matching cabinets and storage
The Yara kitchen from Cesar is defined by straight lines and uninterrupted wooden finishes. Minimalist style means that the Yara kitchen excludes the unnecessary details, but retains the user-friendly core. Pictured here are kitchens with gorgeous teak and walnut finishes. The pared-down approach of Yara lets the attractive, naturally grained wood take center stage. Yara also comes in yellow pine finished in striking Magnolia, Caramel, Garnet and Truffle shades for those who crave an effect with a stronger presence of colour. The kitchen island or peninsula has tidy integrated handles, and is topped with a combination of a Schock titan-white super-slim worktop, and a stainless steel cooking top that both reinforce the minimalist ethic with a crisp, clean look. Tall wall units are in wood finish and lacquered, etched glass with push-pull opening devices. For more on the superb Yara kitchen, contact Cesar.
Cesar Yara kitchen island
Cesar Yara Kitchen in walnut finish

Cesar Yara Kitchen in teak showing wood grains


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