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Farmhouse Style Trends You Need in Your Home

Farmhouse style has become particularly trendy this year. In fact, we can almost say this style of home décor has become a top favorite for many. This is mainly due to its simplicity yet captivating sense of style. There is something welcoming, cozy and charming about a farmhouse. Farmhouses tend to make you feel right at home from the moment you walk-in. That is why many homes have begun incorporating a bit of farmhouse décor into their current home style. Here are a few farmhouse trends you need in your home in order to provide that classic charm a farmhouse is notorious for.

Gallery Wall

A rustic gallery wall can be added anywhere in the home. From an awkward corner to the living room. The key is to have wooden and rustic pieces that enhance the wall and your current decor. If you are working with an awkward corner you may even want to add a bench underneath.

Farmhouses are known for being filled with walls that offer a beautiful display. That is where having a gallery wall will come in handy. The idea is to have a wall that features numerous different that are bold and make a statement. We recommend having this gallery wall displayed on top of a table or desk. For the ultimate farmhouse feel.

Cozy Entryway

Commonly your entryway is the very first thing your guests will see when they enter your home. Why not make it a memorable one by having a cozy touch to the space. Prove a bench with a throw pillow and even a throw blanket for the perfect farmhouse twist.

Your, entryway may seem like the last place that you may decorate. However, your entryway should feel like an extension of your home instead of a simple hallway. Add a bench with a throw blanket for a cozy set up. If you want to take it a step further add a table with a few books and create a reading nook that feels cozy.

Antique Pieces

Having chic yet antique pieces added to your decor is perfect when you want to give your home a farmhouse feel without redecorating every single piece of the space. The idea is to construct an additional focal point in the room by having soft appealing pieces that also have a touch of antique.

Having antique pieces as part of your décor adds a richness to the home that transcends trends, and decorative items. There is a timeless feel on antique pieces. Therefore, having them as part of your main décor will give your home a touch of beauty that is irreplaceable. Add antique pieces such as a clock, and/or aged mirror these are charming yet timeless.

Wood is Always Good

Your farmhouse decor does not need to remain on the inside of your home. In fact, you can take it outside and create the perfect porch decor with a wooden piece such as the one above. A large wooden desk like this one is versatile and can be used all year round.

Wood is one of the main elements of farmhouse chic. It adds warmth while still making a statement. Take a wooden piece and do not paint it leave it as natural as can be. The rustic aspect of the wood will feel worn yet simple and trendy.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect rustic, farmhouse decor especially if you take a DIY approach to them such as the one above. Take a few mason jars and place them inside of a wooden box in order to create a classic centerpiece that you can add candy, flowers, and/or candles for a custom display.

Swap out your vases with mason jars. Mason jars are versatile and chic, yet they give a hint of vintage. Take any and or item that is encased in something and place it in a mason jar instead. The mason jar will catch the attention of your guests as soon as they spot them. You can even add flowers to accommodate your décor a little bit more.

Barn-Style Breakfast Nook

A simple breakfast nook can make a simple statement in your home. Have a bench added to the space you select to have your breakfast nook in to complete the look. Add a few flowers and beautiful wooden sign or two.  Incorporate a rug to finish off the look. 

Having a space in your kitchen or dining table that is specifically created for eating breakfast has become quite trendy. Therefore, why not create the perfect barn-style breakfast nook. Add in an aged sign that feels natural to the space to complete the look. Also, ensure you keep the entire breakfast area as simple and minimal as possible. Doing so will scream barn-style chic.

Blue Barn Door

Barn doors are great because they slide. Therefore, they work particularly well in a bedroom. You can even have a barn door added to the bathroom for a farmhouse twist that is intricate and unique yet charming as well. The color blue is the perfect addition as it gives just the right hint of color while still being rustic. 

Not every wooden aspect of a home has to be aged or with little to no color. You can choose to use the color blue instead. The key is using a powder blue or baby blue. The lighter the shade the better. Take a barn door and paint it baby blue, then place it in an awkward corner or nook space that is in need of sprucing up. Doing so will remove the awkward feel of the corner.

Bathroom Doors With a Twist

If you decide to use barn doors as a bathroom door with a twist consider not painting the door for a rustic upgrade. The natural appeal of the door will give the bathroom the rustic look you want it to have.  You can also add wood items to the bathroom for a cohesive look.

Not all bathroom doors are created equally. Actually, there is a new trend emerging that consists of interchanging your bathroom door for a more modern one. Change your bathroom door to a more elevated farm style door that is more barn chic but also very stylish.

Add a Wooden Bench

A bench is rustic, and it is the perfect addition to any dining table. The idea is to have a hint of outdoors while being indoors. Add a simple decor to the table to keep the theme rustic and simple all at once. Choose a wooden bench or a white one for the best results that are also cohesive. 

As stated above wood is a staple in farmhouse style. Which is why we love the idea of removing your dining table chairs and changing them for a wooden bench. Not only will the kids love this idea as it will make them feel like they are outdoors when they really are inside. But they look is chic, rustic and relaxed all at the same time.

Sleek Panty Doors

Sleek barn doors are the perfect addition to your panty. In fact, take them a step further by writing on them with white paint this will enhance the beauty of the space and doors while giving a rustic appeal. Keep the doors a dark hue for an added touch of classic barn feel that is farmhouse chic.

Typically, pantry doors are simple yet bulky. However, when it comes to farmhouse style panty doors you want to upgrade the ones you currently have and opt for a sleek look instead. This can be done by having two doors instead of one. Doing so will give you double duty opening doors while still providing a cowboy feel.

Which of these will you be incorporating into your current décor? Please let us know your ideas in the comments below.


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