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Erin Adams Luna Tile from Ann Sacks

A dynamic exploration of color and materials at Ann Sacks, the Erin Adams Luna Tiles create a unique and distinctive decorative style. Gorgeous metallic Luna tiles feature inset circles of vibrant swirling colours. Juxtaposing texture and colour, each material highlights the unique character of the other, creating a distinctive visual and tactile effect. Sand blasted Luna tile of aluminium and bronze provides a fantastic gleaming shining finish for modern interiors. Available in 36 colours, the metal tile can be selected in brushed, sand blasted and vibrated finish for a unique individual style. Designed by Erin Adams, these finely crafted tiles are created from recycled materials for an environmentally sound design. Mirroring the beauty of the Earth’s natural landscapes, the Ann Sacks Luna Tiles are $100 -$160 per square foot for aluminium and $170- $260 per square foot for brass.


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