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Eclectic Bedroom Interior: an Industrial Romance

If you are feeling in the mood for an industrial romance, this eclectic bedroom interior should do the trick. Why is it so great? Let’s begin at the top. The exposed concrete ceilings are heavy and lower the ceiling visually. Against popular belief, this is not always bad, especially when the color scheme is on the light side. It makes the room cozier, smaller and subconsciously increases the feeling of safety, which is perfectly appropriate for a bedroom. Of course, if it’s too extreme with dark colors in a very small room, some may feel claustrophobic and that’s not good – there is a balance that needs to be met. Taking a cue from your space is important – in this case, the room is quite large, the color scheme is light, so a ‘lowered’ ceiling works. Let’s move on. The texture of the ceiling, the ceiling lamps, the open Stolmen closet from Ikea, abstract art over the bed and the vintage chests all instill this industrial, raw, open minded vibe. It all gets warmed up with romantic touches like the shag, the fur, the weathered, white, wrought iron chair and happy pops of color like pink and turquoise. What do you think of this eclectic style mix?
via Mi Casa Revista.
Photo credit: Andina de Kino Acosta & Tapia



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