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Eclectic Loft Apartment in Budapest by Shay Sabag

There is so much to love about this 2150sqft river loft apartment located in the 13 district of Budapest, Hungary and overlooking the panoramic views of the Danube River. Owned and designed by Shay Sabag, the combination of industrial, rustic, glam and global styles come together into a casual elegance full of comfort and intrigue. Add to this the full iPhone control system and you have an apartment that is not only beautiful but functionally easy to manage.

The combination of styles is presented from the moment you arrive. The foyer boasts a niche wrapped in stunning and rustic walls of brick but within the niche is a perfectly scaled industrial cabinet of 9 drawers and in front of that is a kilim rug full of global pattern . The touch of glam shines down on the vignette in the form of a complex chandelier of multiple bulbs of varying heights. Each piece brings its own colour, texture and story and the combination of all is magic.
Just past the entry hall the apartment opens up to a larger foyer area where the homeowner keeps their bicycle. Here a black and white wall mural of 50s charm blends with the open ducting and concrete flooring. A second kilim rug and a small plant bring in the only spots of colour but the multiple textures and visuals within the space keep the scene alive and exciting.
The ducting continues from the hallway through the foyer and into the kitchen. Additional ceiling features are the projector over the bar and the large vent over the stove. All in grey they continue the theme of the concrete floors and grey upholstery but the room is kept warm and inviting via the heavy timbered ceilings, the brick walls and dark wood bookshelf in the distance.
The kitchen stove vent is outfitted with a pot rack for extra storage and the homeowner has taken advantage of this vertical display to feature chillies, pots and notes clipped with clothespins – restaurant style.
The unusual farm sink combined with the gooseneck faucet are a great addition to an otherwise industrial layout as is the well used chopping block. The space feels well used, happy and authentic.
On the far side of the kitchen is the “library”. With its floor to ceiling shelving and the “aged” leather lounger, the space has a real lived in vibe that is as cozy as could be. The copper piping for the hotwater radiator system adds that extra layer of industrial material against an otherwise plain wall to complete the vignette and create a vertical division to the dining area just beyond.
The dining area is outfitted with a plank table and a glitzy chandelier. Just past the table is a wine wall for both functional display and artistic layout and in front of it is the living room complete with projector and ceiling mounted screen in front of the windows and fireplace below the windows.
The dining table features large and thick slabs of wood with a similar bench on one side and wicker and rattan chairs on the other. The look is totally country but the glitzy chandelier glams it up while the surrounding walls and floor keep the industrial vibe flowing.
It takes guts and vision to pair this cut glass chandelier with the country set-up below it and the rustic wine wall beside it.
The wall of wines is a perfect way to feature the homeowners bar. Using glass shelves to create both a serving counter and storage for wine glasses brings in a minimalist moment within an otherwise heavily layered scheme. The rows of wine bottles protruding from the brick wall is just plain art.
The wine bottles are suspended on copper tubing which is an awesome way of creating continuum with the copper radiator system featured on the other side of the dining area.
The living room flows seamlessly from the dining area while still presenting its own unique design features such as the grouping of 3 brass tables. Adding in the brass to the already featured copper and stainless steel, keeps the mix of metals exciting and diverse. The stainless steel backing to the gel fireplace brings the silver metal out of the kitchen and into the living space and the two stacks of wood on either side, while not usable, keeps that country rustic aesthetic firmly entrenched.
Beside the living room and through a wall of mullioned glass is the bedroom. Here too a cut glass chandelier brings in the glam while a red zig zag floor lamp adds a touch of vintage.
The bedroom is fortunate to also have a scenic view of the Danube and with the ensuite part of the same room the tub has a feature position below one of the windows.
The tub is a large stainless steel soaker positioned on an angle and features a chunky floor mounted faucet. The wall of closets on the far wall is clad in smoky glass and the headboard wall is clear glass exposing the walk-in shower behind it. Here, unlike the social zone, the floors have switched to natural wide plank wood and while it does have a copper radiator it also has a below window baseboard.
The vanity is a simple open wood structure in complete contrast to the chandelier, but just like in the dining room, the combination of the two surrounded by the industrial hardscape successfully creates a space of “opposites attract”.
Even the vessel sinks add a unique flavour to the room.
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