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The Eclectic Interior Style You Dream About

This assorted interior is owned and designed by The Playing Circle, an Amsterdam interior design firm that rents out its swanky, self-designed spaces for professional meetings. Known primarily for their workspace designs, Loft II (along with another super chic home interior space, Loft I) is a pop-up shop introducing the company signature style into the realm of residential design. What do we mean by “signature?” It’s warm and welcoming; functional, yet fashionable; inspired and inspiring – blurring the boundary between live, work and play. We love this timeless, eclectic aesthetic, but alas Loft II will only sport this look for a while before the firm transforms it to showcase different products, ideas, design philosophies… For additional information visit The Playing Circle.
All photos by Aico Lind.

The open concept space incorporates all aspects of daily life in one fabulous eyeful. A large dining and entertaining area is open to the kitchen at one end of the loft and the bedroom at the other. The carefully curated collection includes everything from chunky industrial-style lighting and furnishings, to casually strewn pieces like the amp and electric guitar, and various elements suspended from the double-height ceiling.
From The Playing Circle, “We’re particularly fond of natural materials like wood, steel, leather, glass, wool and ceramics. These materials tell a lot about the love and attention invested in a product. It shows its age and origin, its history, the way it was crafted. That’s why we like objects made by people, not by machines.”
The framed-in bed loosely echoes the idea of an enclosed bedroom – definition without division.
A pair of blocked-off fireplaces on opposite walls bring balance and focus. Underfoot, a herringbone floor is vintage chic in a natural wood finish.
A wall of windows extends upward as skylights. Beneath it, shelves of art adorn the angled wall over a yellow sofa – the most vibrant, saturated piece in the space. In contrast, the leather armchairs are earthy and lovingly worn.
A simple houseplant gets an interesting twist by being suspended from an exposed pipe overhead.
Natural light and city views make these windows a certain focal point.
The swing suits the loft’s rustic style while adding an outdoor element to match the city skyline on the other side of the glass.
It’s all in the details…
If this pop-up store doesn’t inspire you to shop and decorate, what will?
The Playing Circle
Photo credit: Aico Lind


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