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Countryside Residence with Eclectic Interior Design

This countryside residence, located on a farming plot in California, has been designed by Bevan Associates. The farm consists of various buildings, with a main house, a guest house, a barn and smaller utility buildings. Seen from the outside, the houses look like picturesque farmer’s houses. It is once inside that we realize the extent to which the design is important, and the high level of detail work. Because of the traditional architecture of the houses, with well defined and delimited spaces, we find a room for each function. The level of privacy of the rooms is also clearly defined, with public spaces on the ground floor and bedrooms on the top floor. In the main residence, the entrance is through a cozy and chic foyer that directs the circulation. From the foyer there are separate doors to the kitchen and the living room, which both communicate with the dining room. The kitchen has an extra exit to the terrace, which contrasts with the rest of the house because of its materials and more contemporary look. A turning wooden staircase leads to the upper floor where we find the night functions. The overall design approach remains the same in the guest house, but the layout is only on one floor.

The guest house follows the same architectural pattern as the main house, with horizontal wood-clad facades and tiled roof.
The foyer of the main house is chic and cozy with its high paneled walls painted white and chocolate. There are many elements here that catch the attention: the rug with its geometrical pattern, the pendant lamp with its golden interior as well as the very original bench and round table.
While equipped with modern appliances, the kitchen has its countryside charm. The ceramic sink and the brass faucet, the knobs and handles- they all participate in creating this atmosphere. Same for the long wooden kitchen island and breakfast counter and the knotty wooden planks on the floor.
The dining room is very warm and inviting. The honey colored wood of the cabinets and of the wall panels, together with the burgundy brushed paint covering the top of the walls and the ceiling create a real cocoon atmosphere.
All the pieces of furniture have their story, nothing is just a standard piece. This research for special and custom made pieces gives the house its strong identity.
The home office is a more masculine room, with its mix of industrial looking shelves and colonial desk and chair.
The bedrooms have a high level of personalization as well. The atmosphere seems to tell the story of a faraway voyage.
In this bedroom the most interesting things are the night tables, plexiglass boxes filled with straws from the barn…
The bathrooms are large and luminous, and beautifully fitted with industrial- vintage fixtures and ceramics.


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