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Contemporary Countryside Home with Oval Entrance and Interior Glazing

When BPR Architects designed this countryside home in Petersfield, England, they didn’t have the typical rural retreat in mind. The client wanted a playful, interesting home design that incorporated unusual architectural features, unusual textures and an artful use if indigenous materials, which all contribute to this unique house design. The oval entrance welcomes you inside, and hints at the unexpected elements you’ll find beyond the front door. Enter, and explore!

The facade welcomes you with a mix of materials, like stone, steel and glass, which enhance the home’s multiple layers of looks, living spaces and style.
Form the architects, the house experience ” commences in a circular stone entrance court, extends along a pergola into an inner court bounded by a ruined wall and through the house to a roof terrace where a stair bridges into the landscape.”
Interiors are surprisingly cool, airy and spacious, with bowed walls that echo the curved main entrance. The home is divided into the family wing and the guest wing, which are linked by this barrel vaulted dining hall. A glass wall floods the space with bright light, which flows freely through this two-storey central hub. Exposed wood beams are structural elements as well as aesthetic ones, angled to create a natural timber zigzag against the clean white background.
A wood staircase leads up from the main level to the second floor, and continuing up beyond that is a sleek glass stairway that twists its way upward without blocking the light of the views.
While glazing is typically relegated to exterior windows, this contemporary style house incorporates it throughout interiors to add to its bright and open aesthetic. A glass demi-wall encloses a system of upper-level hallways, which encircle and cut across the living area below.
A cool view from inside, topped by a circular skylight.
Like the rest of the house, this kitchen is a combination of earthy element and ultra modern touches.
The organic-meets-modern theme is one that carries through every fiber of this house design, from inside out.
Set among rolling glass-covered hills and lush leafy trees, this modern, industrial-style house stands out.
BPR Architects
via Contemporist
photo credit: Nick Kane


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