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Old Schoolhouse Converted Into 10 Loft Apartments

The designers, Standard Studio, did a stellar job converting this old school house in Amsterdam into modern loft apartments. The new-use building was created as what is known as a Collective Private Commission: the century-old school in the center of Amsterdam was transformed into 10 apartments directly for the 10 young families. Each apartment has a different floor plan and different materials based on the individual wishes of the participants. This particular loft was designed for a family of four.

This spacious and sustainable apartment was designed with an open living area. Due to its high ceilings, it was possible to create social zones which allow the whole family to be together but still retain privacy.
The kitchen/dining room is industrial modern – and utilitarian. We love the chairs.
High ceilings give an open feeling to this apartment and allow for good air flow.
Good natural light and primarily white surfaces help make a smaller unit feel much larger.
Bits of greenery in the kitchen bring the outdoors in.
Storage is of essence when designing for a family with two young children. Furniture pieces were created under the staircases (below) that not only allowed for the toy storage, but also as a play and sitting area.
The living area combines all five elements; kitchen, living room, dining room, play area for the children and work space into one.
Concrete floors and steel staircases kept the characteristics of the school but when combined with plywood, it resulted in a bright and warm interior.
The office desk is part of a built-in shelving unit. Every unit of space was maximized.
There’s even room in the office for a piano!
The teacher’s lounge got remodelled into the bedrooms and the classroom into the living space.
As much of the old school as possible was retained.
Even the bedrooms have an open, airy feeling.
Sustainable technologies like solar technology, ground source heat pumps, insulation, green roofs etc. have been used to obtain an almost passive emission building. But that’s the practical side. Emotionally, this dwelling has a really nice energy, and suits the client very well – a young creative and conscious family living in the center of Amsterdam.


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