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Eclectic Interior Splashed in Colorful Furniture and Art, for Fun and Uniqueness

Vick Vanlian Design created this eclectic apartment, which is colored by its bright furnishings and vibrant art. As one of Beirut’s leading design studios, the firm specializing in furniture and home design has brought together these two strengths in this bold show of its design talents. Here’s the tour.

The artwork is what really sets this home apart – personal touches like the paintings applied directly onto walls, and the interesting sculptural pieces adorning the tabletops and shelves. Even the textiles used in upholstery, pillows and floor covering feature a mix of colors, patterns and textures that takes the decor to artful new heights.
We love how the painting extends from wall to door without skipping a beat. The wording takes on a haphazard graffiti form.
Above this comfortable sitting area, this gallery wall is an instant focal point. The coffee table on wheels and the Coca-Cola chest make a rustic addition to the space.
The interesting wall finish of exposed brick looks broken, deliberately chipped away in one corner to lend the home a well-worn and lived-in look.
A massive mural splashes the rear wall, featuring a woman looking off in the distance, her wild mane of hair in organic shades of red, yellow and brown.
A rainbow of floor coverings, furniture and tchotchkes looks like a collection gathered over many years, across many places. There’s no uniformity in this home, except maybe that of its eccentricity.
The far wall is lined in translucent panels in different shades of blue, which let light from the other side shine in. This treatment adds a clean, contemporary edge to complement the gleaming, high-polished floors and modern furniture pieces among the rustic, patio, casual, old world styles interspersed throughout…
You can’t deny that there’s a lot going on in this busy space, but it all works. From the crazy combination of colors, materials and styles, to the sheer density of decor, there’s lots to see.
A wild tangle of pipes and shelves is mounted to a wall, displaying a collection of framed photographs and exotic collectables.
Love the coffee table. This could be a beautiful DIY project, if you can find similar wheels.
From Vick Vanlian Architecture, “In designing, we challenge ourselves beyond guidelines and dare to start new trends always adding some fun and twists to design, awakening the senses, resulting in a collection of bold and original furniture pieces, and Building designs and interior layouts, this distinguishes Vick Vanlian Designs from any other designs. But while making design and uniqueness a priority, utility and comfort is never compromised.”
Vick Vanlian Design


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