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Decorative Tile from Salvini – decorate tiles with removable gel bubbles

It’s possible to add a playful twist to your tiles without redecorating using the Marmo Soft decorative tile range from Salvini. These funky, touchable gel components are applicable to every kind of Salvini tile. The ‘1000 Bolle Brio’ are removable gel bubbles that come in red, blue, green, and transparent. There are two different sizes, and these soft gel accessories can conveniently be glued directly onto any tile. The amusing ‘Big Foot’ Marmo Soft tile comes in pairs of foot-shaped gel components that can walk across your tiles adding a splash of color wherever they go. The ‘Spirale’ is slightly different – in that it is inserted into a tile with a special circular cut-out to accommodate the gel addition. Ideal for interior floors, this soft tile adds an elastic and resistant design detail. Marmo Soft tiles are fun, decorative tiles from Salvini.



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