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Decorating with Tile Floors – Patterned Floor Tiles

Using colorful, patterned floor tiles in a modern contemporary home for decorating with tile floors is a totally unexpected but fashionably chic idea – an idea that comes from the only place it should – Italy. To create a very unique interior space, consider these beautiful floor tiles by Petracer. Usually when we think of decorating, we think of items separate from the structure of the space that we strategically place to achieve a desired look. But the tiles we see here take the decor scheme of these interiors to the next level. They are very artistic and made with passion. Their patterns are forever in motion, calling to mind the softness of fabric or the sculptural elements of stone and rock. They are available in various colors, motifs and materials. From contemporary to eclectic style decor, these floors are versatile enough to suit any modern home. The tiles featured here are from the Tango and Tango Rock lines, but visit Petracer to see all available styles.



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