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Pantry door ideas to make your kitchen come to life

When it comes to making your kitchen making it come to life, it can feel like a mission but it’s really not. The key is bringing key elements that enhance the room’s overall appeal. When bringing key elements you want to take note of your pantry. If you’re lucky enough to have one, consider changing up your door and really making it come to life. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Built-in Pantry Shelves

Adding shelving is perfect when you want to keep your pantry door free. This is always a great idea when you want to make the room feel focused.

When it comes to giving your pantry a makeover, bringing in built-in shelves is the way to go. Only does this give you a welcoming new approach, but it allows you to go the custom route when it comes to your decor. Going the custom route will ensure you get the most out of the room while still being cohesive and sleek. It’s all about making the most out of the room.

Etched Glass

Allow your etched door to make the statement by bringing a couple of window-like aspects

For a modern yet sleek approach bring in a door with etched glass. Glass has become a huge part of the kitchen. You can almost say it’s a staple in home decor overall. Having an etched glass pantry door not only allows you to have a more welcoming appeal, but it enables you to have some type of viewership of what’s inside of the room overall.


When selecting what to display on your chalkboard door, bring in different lists or decorative bits to further enhance the room

If you really want to blend modern with functionality, having a chalkboard door is the way to go. Not only is it functional as you get to display a message or your grocery list, but you a door that works seamlessly. That’s the cool thing about a chalkboard door it works seamlessly without taking away from your decor. If you have children this is a great way to get them to express themselves without having to say too much.

Screen door

Add a fun design to your screen door to give it that refreshing look

When it comes to selecting a door, you want to consider just how big your pantry is. If it is large enough, almost like a door, you can get as creative as possible with your decor. In fact, take a moment to consider having a screen door. Screen doors are sleek, modern and chic as they enable you to get the most out of the room, without being bulky or overbearing. It’s all about getting the most out of the size of the room’s overall aesthetic.

Bring in Color

Bring a sleek, pastel color to brighten the room’s overall appeal. You want to make the room have a focal point in general

When in doubt color is your ultimate friend, not only will it get the job done, but there is a brightening element that comes into having a colorful door. Think of it as the perfect touch that your kitchen needs to come to life. Furthermore, it goes a long way to have a product that enables you to decorate around it without making the room feel any less chic or charming.

Sliding Barn Doors

Paint your barn doors the same hue as the same color as the rest of the room to be a subtle welcoming into the space that feels expansive.

If there is a decorative element that we love in the kitchen is sliding barn doors. They not only look and feel cozy but they truly are a staple piece to have. Furthermore, you can almost say barn doors give the room that expansive feel. Allow your doors to be the staple of the room, to truly make the area come to life. Work in darker wood hues for that rich, barn house feel.

French Doors

Give your doors a viewing for a fun display that enhances what’s inside your pantry

There is something quite enchanting about having french doors, they’re practical yet gorgeous to look at. It’s one of those items that make sense to have. They not only help make the room better, but they further the way you look at things. It’s all about making the room feel chic and these doors will do just that.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is everything you want in the kitchen without taking away from the kitchen’s overall appeal. It’s the perfect place to put everything you want in

If you have the room to make an entire space your pantry goes for it! Not only will it feel rich and luxurious but it’s the room you can make come to life, without little to no need of added elements. You can almost say a butler’s pantry is every homeowner’s dream. It’s easy on the eye while keeping all of your decors away in that specific room, giving you an airy approach that makes sense in an overall manner.

Pull out Pantry Shelves

The more you can pull out your shelf the better it will be for easy access exactly what you want

Allow your pantry to be twice as useful by bringing in pantry shelves that can be pulled out. The easier you can pull them out the better. Take note that your shelves might not be the focus of your pantry, but once you do bring them out they will immediately turn into the focus as everyone will want to see how your pantry is almost completely customized.

Sliding Shiplap Doors

Your shiplap door should be as sleek as possible for the best outcome

What’s better than sliding doors? We think nothing! Not only are they easy on the eye, but they slide, ensuring you get the most from the room’s overall appeal. Furthermore, they are also extremely convenient and sleek. It’s a win-win for all that want to have a featured item that will make the room feel somewhat more modern and sleek all at once. Keep in mind, you can paint these doors so you will get the most out of these doors in an overall manner.

When it comes to pantry doors how do you feel about them? Share with us your thoughts and decorating tips below.


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