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Unique Ways to decorate with Shiplap

As the weather gets warmer and the trees finally begin to blossom for most of us, it’s time to redecorate the home to match the difference in the air. Which is where shiplap comes into play, but what exactly is shiplap? Unknown to many shiplap is actually part of the insulation of farmhouse homes. It’s the decorating bit nobody truly pays attention too, but we all know its there. Furthermore, shiplap is now on trend and we are going to show you how to work it into your décor effortlessly.

In the Kitchen

The beauty of shiplap is how well it works with any type of decorating style, particularly in the kitchen. Paint your shiplap to help blend in with your current decor.

Most of us who know about shiplap tend to want to use it in the bedroom. The main reason being, shiplap works beautifully when it’s used in the bedroom due to how grainy it can be. However, to add that graininess you want to work it into the kitchen. Do so by adding it in as a paneled feature, or as part of an accent behind your sink.


Shiplap shelves work exceptionally well because of how rustic they look and feel in a room. The key is working with thicker shiplap planks that make the room feel a bit more farmhouse and aesthetically pleasing.

Another way to add and decorate with shiplap is by creating shelving out of it. This can be included in the kitchen to add a rustic, farmhouse bit while still maintaining the rest of the room as original in its main decorating style as possible. This idea will work perfectly in a modern, industrial or even eclectic room that needs a bit of grounding.

Painted Walls

If there’s a room in your home that feels like it needs an extra dose of texture, but you don’t want to change your decor, adding painted shiplap is an excellent option.

Shiplap walls are not as common, but they do exist. Furthermore, you could incorporate them into any room due to how much texture they bring. The key is painting your shiplap walls a bright hue such as white, doing so will bring an open and airy feel while still adding subtle texture.


For a grand effect, consider a shiplap wall and have them painted white. You want a crispy white so that the walls feel fresh and airy every time.

As mentioned above, painted shiplap works exceptionally well in a room. However, the color white, in particular, tends to work better than most shades due to how simple it can be. The texture provided by shiplap paired with the simplicity of white makes a grand statement without further needed items.

Bring it to the Bedroom

Take your shiplap to the next level by painting it a rich, dark hue in order to bring a texture to the room while enhancing your aesthetics.

The bedroom is a great place to start when you want to add shiplap, but can’t exactly figure out how to do so. A bedroom with shiplap adds a sense of comfort and coziness without taking away from the room and what you already have displayed. We love the idea of using shiplap as part of the ceiling for just the right amount of character with hints of beauty.

Bathroom Featured Wall

For a unique effect, we recommend going for a darker accent wall. Doing so will bring character as well as beauty to the room.

When it comes to the bathroom, shiplap can work exceptionally well. The key is adding it in as a featured wall and keeping it as natural as possible. You want the shiplap to make a statement on its very own, without the use of additional accents. The idea is to have the shiplap become the main featured wall of the room while everything else revolves around it.

Modern & Vertical

Using vertical planks brings an elongating feel to the room. Pair with darker hues for a unique pairing.

For a more modern twist on shiplap consider displaying it in a vertical manner. Shiplap is traditionally known for being displayed in a horizontal manner, but to take it up a notch consider having it displayed vertically. Doing so brightens the room with a unique twist. Contemplate painting your vertical shiplap a matte color to further the modern aspect of your décor.

Surround the Stove

Adding shiplap brings a sense of chicness to your kitchen even in the smallest areas including your stove space.

In another form of decorating with shiplap, consider using it in wide planks and adding it to the area above your stove. Many can’t figure out what to place above your stove to add an intricate look, that’s where shiplap comes in handy. It adds texture, character, and appeal all at once without the need for multiple different decorating bits.

Mix & Match

When you pair subway tiles with shiplap you create something unique that works exceptionally well in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Why not mix and match your shiplap with another décor? The idea is having your shiplap bits paired with subway tiles. This idea will work best in the bathroom or the kitchen, where both materials tend to excel in. Furthermore, you want to use them in the same color wave for a seamless approach that makes the room feel grand and welcoming.

Black & Lovely

Black can be beautiful, but sometimes it can be overwhelming that is when you want to add shiplap for a fresh bit that is still dark but it feels expansive due to the graininess of the planks.

Shiplap doesn’t always have to be in bright and vivid hues sometimes it can work exceptionally well in a room that needs a dose or two of rich color. That is where a black shiplap wall will come into play. Think of it as a cutting-edge way of adding style while still being extremely modern and fun. Paint your shiplap a matte black hue to bring an unexpected splash.

Is shiplap your next home project? If so, share with us your ideas below.


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