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Contemporary Forest House with Curved Metal Roof

You could say this New York architecture firm makes the grade, so to speak. This curved roof house designed by GRADE was designed in direct response to two site conditions here in Virginia Beach: the spectacular vistas of Chesapeake Bay and the forest surrounding the site. The architects designed this natural house with comfortable living areas and integrated work space overlooking the area’s claim to fame – the water, and woods. As an ode to these surroundings, this slope house plan invites the outdoors in, not only through the views but through an earthy palette of materials like natural mahogany wood and a curved zinc rooftop, and imported Italian marble – not local, but natural and certainly beautiful just the same. Check it out.

curved roof house of natural materials responds to surroundings 1 thumb 630xauto 35242 Contemporary Forest House with Curved Metal Roof

curved roof house of natural materials responds to surroundings 2 thumb 630xauto 35244 Contemporary Forest House with Curved Metal Roof

The house sits at the crest of a steep hill, giving it first sight of the breathtaking bay and surrounding tall, mature trees, lending the home their leafy shade and sense of seclusion. Slope side, a two-storey glazed volume maximizes the views, followed by a single-storey wing.


Topping the single-storey space, a curved metal roof wraps the home and gives it a gentle, organic edge.


A wall of glass doors blurs the boundary between indoors and out. The overarching roofline continues inside, with an earthy underbelly of warm, natural wood. We love the transition from outside in – from raw timber to refined.


The glass doors open – disappear, if you will – to the forest. The slope places the leafy treetops at eye level, which almost makes you feel like you’re floating. Furnishings merge contemporary pieces and rustic style, thoughtfully combined to reflect a balance between modern life and nature.


Even the bathroom boasts breathtaking vistas. The floor-to-ceiling glass created a mesmerizing focal point that will entice you to linger a little longer in the luxury of this deep soaker tub.


The grey mosaic tile appears as gradient waves, artfully flowing across the floor and up into the shower area. Totally trendy, naturally chic – and ultimately, timeless. Love it.


This earthy house is a perfect complement to its environment, which is not an easy feat to achieve. GRADE has done it again – A+!
via Contemporist



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