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Compact Wall-mount Work Desk Nubo by Ligne Roset


It’s a wooden secretary’s desk – or you can use it as a wall shelf. And with a retro hint of the Air France fabric suitcase of the 60s! What an awesome way to have a functional desk in small space. There’s lots of room inside to store your work materials and when it’s closed, it’s a piece of wall art. The sky blue of the wool fabric offsets the natural oak perfectly but the material is available in other colors. When the desk is closed, the fabric is great to pin up notes and reminders – a padded bulletin board. Even if you don’t have a super small space to work in, this would be a great addition above your desk as a memo board and place to keep active files, close at hand yet tidy and neat. You can always use more space to file and store things! You could use this compact piece of kit in any room really. What a great piece of function and style and we really like how practical it is for small places.


There’s lots of room to store your work files – open or closed!
Nubo makes a great bulletin board.
More information: Ligne Roset


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