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Designer Wood Tables – multi-wood dining tables by Linteloo

These designer wood tables by Linteloo are not your conventional dining tables. The Dutch multi-wood designs each boasts an innovative, unconventional twist that makes it stand apart from the rest.
The Bagutta stands out as much for its unique mix of rich woods – Veneer of Padoek, Coromandel, Kyaat, Teak and Mahony – as for its striking legs, made of solid mahogany and inset from the edge to accommodate their shape. Designer: Henk Vos
The Sicilian dining table is oversized (up to 380cm) to accommodate large family get-togethers and massive feasts, in true Sicilian fashion. The top is made of durable Kirei Board, and for Linteloo’s signature contemporary twist, the steel base featuring an innovative two-leg construction. Designer: Roderick Vos
The Isola dining table strays from convention with its organic, irregularly shaped top inspired by the rings of an oak tree. This design provides a fun seating arrangement to enjoy a meal and the company. Designer: Roderick Vos

For lovers of organic, natural wood, Aras is the table for you – its designer couldn’t choose just one, or even a few, so he incorporated them all! Boards of different wood varieties and different widths create a visually exciting, warm-looking dining table. Designer: Henk Vos


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