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Outdoor Table Rosis from Escho lets you cultivate flowers and plants

The Table Rosis is a clever outdoor table from Escho… with a difference! It’s multifunctional – you can cook food, cool drinks or cultivate small plants and flowers right in the middle of the table. Built of Burmese teak with a top made of Corian, the modular system allows for tables of different sizes and shapes: square, rectangular or circular. You can choose from Corian White or Corian which is decorated with white floral motifs that are inspired by traditional ceramics. The decorations are made with a liquid inlay technique which is embedded in the surface leaving a surface perfectly smooth to the touch. Each piece is totally unique and it’s up to you to further individualise it – using it for your gardening hobby or for whatever else you have in mind. From Escho, Table Rosis is an Italian design to enjoy on the patio or deck for many years to come!



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