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Colino Round Table from Riva Creates Light Show

An updated version of the round table from Colima creates even more points of light for a fascinating light show. We love the simplicity of it – light spilling in the room from the holes in the table! Designed by Michele de Lucci for Riva, the table is made in Italy. Where else? The interplay of light and shadow is part of the design – integrated into the table itself. Made from a cedar base with choice of top, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Cholla Cactus wood found in Arizona and used to make lamps (among other small pieces). The process of creating the holes is done by a machine – using five axes! The top is available in square or rectangular versions but we really like the round one. It looks great with a regular light source but could you imagine this in the evening with lights set up specifically to maximize the show? Planetariums of the world, move over! The Colina table has arrived.

The Colino table bears a resemblance to the Chollo Cactus wood found in Arizona, but in this case – the holes that create the light show are made by using five axes!
More information: Riva


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