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Circular Tub by Roca

circular tub roca 1 Circular Tub by Roca
The circle is a symbol of harmony, so this new circular tub by bathroom brand Roca only makes sense. The smooth, serene look is instantly arresting; the freestanding circular tub commands attention in any bathroom. Include an integrated shelf finished with wood, offering a convenient and out-of-the-way storage for your shampoos, lotions and towels. Or turn the shelf to the wall for a built-in look. Surrounding the bathtub, a wide rim and lip adds to its overall softness. And this deep design feels as great as it looks! Offering the ultimate in comfort and plenty of room for two, this generous-sized tub actually maximizes space, even in small bathrooms (the circle is easier to tuck away than the traditional oval and rectangular tub designs). More info is available at Roca.



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