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Shower Tub Combination from Roca – Happening Combination

The Happening Bath – a Happening shower tub combination by Roca – transforms your bath into a lap of luxury. The “non-conformists” at Roca have dedicated their new designs to opulence at home. This shower tub combination is the latest in modern home-spa innovation, and drives the 2009 trend of the well-appointed bath by blending a spacious soaker tub with a rich, darkly stained wood surround. Concealed within the tub’s wood panels is a hidden storage compartment for – well, that’ll be your secret. The minimal feel of this combination fits seamlessly with any modern style, from clean and contemporary, to exotic and dramatic. Beyond simple aesthetics, the Happening Bath will have you at its mercy, with its integrated and totally indulgent Relax-Blow hydromassage, chromotherapy and Cold Stream features. Taking the spa experience even further, the bath also boasts rain showerhead, a comfortable back-rest, and a swinging frameless glass door, all conveniently included in one smart design. Luxury and style are yours with this must-have shower tub combination by Roca.



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