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Small Bathroom Suites – new Barcelona suite by Roca

This small bathroom suite by Roca is the epitome of cool. With Barcelona, designer Carlos Ferrater breaks tradition with asymmetrical forms and function that moves beyond simple hand-washing. Ferrater describes this chic line as “modular and additive, giving the user multiple options, thanks also to the variants in the range of pieces.” The Barcelona washbasin, for instance, isn’t your typical bathroom sink. This unique piece incorporates both basin and counter into one, bringing multi-function to the forefront of bathroom design. Ideal for small bathrooms where space is at a premium, this washbasin can be placed as a single or double bowl, symmetrical or not, depending on your unique style. Complement this modern washbasin with a spacious shower featuring the same smooth lines in its tray underfoot and two sizes of enclosure, punctuated by a modern faucet and extra-large rain showerhead. Fit a built-in toilet with concealed tank next to the sink, to save space. Rounding out the contemporary suite, an auxiliary unit and a basin towel rail stand out as much for their awesome storage capacity as for their chic, sleek style. For more information on this small bathroom suite, visit Roca.



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