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Color Bathroom from Roca – new Khroma comes in unexpected colors

Color bathroom from Roca - Khroma in red
If you’ve ever feel uninspired by plain white bathroom furniture the new Khroma from Roca is for you. A splash of color to your bathroom to express your own unique personality! Designer Vincent Gregoire selected four gorgeous distinct colors for the range, based on research on the color trends forecast by Nelly Rodi. You can choose from Passion Red, Oxygen Blue, Silver Grey, and Street Grey. If you love the chunky, straightforward design of the range but prefer it without the color, well, Khroma is also available in white! Not only beautiful to look at, the Khroma collection also incorporates soft texture on the seats and backrests – giving the range a new tactile dimension. Contrasted by the white vitreous china bowls, this is a remarkable collection from Roca.
Also, have you seen the colored toilet and bidet from Aquaplus Solutions?
Khroma bathroom - overall view

Khroma in blue
Khroma texture detail
Khroma bathroom colors


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