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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink by Roca – new X-Tra sink

Roca stainless steel kitchen sink X-Tra
The new X-Tra stainless steel kitchen sink from Roca offers a wide variety of thoughtful possibilities designed to increase your pleasure in the kitchen. To suit your lifestyle and needs you can choose from a stainless steel sink in single or double or half size versions, flattened or angled, perforated, or with a section for draining. There is even a coordinating glass top which allows you to make use of the space over the sink as a countertop when required. Ever so practical, but with an eye for design, the X-tra kitchen sink is uncomplicated, but far from commonplace. Roca brings us inspired Spanish design made for real living – accessible to all. For true aesthetic functionality in your kitchen, try sinks from Roca.



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