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Chequerboard wood flooring by Ebony – handcrafted solid wood floors

While basic wood flooring is sure to add a level of warmth to your home, Chequerboard wood flooring by Ebony will add visual interest unparalleled by other flooring products. Chequerboard patterns flooring by Ebony allows you to choose from a variety of styles, including those from the Bespoke Parquetry flooring collection and Chequerboard patterns in Walnut and Cherry or Walnut and Maple. These unique checkered floors are reminiscent of the elegant black and white marble found at the entrance of many grand homes. The wood, however, adds richness and warmth that stone often lacks, while providing a classic and interesting pattern to enhance the impact of your unique flooring. These beautiful floors can be specified in various wood species, and square sizes can be adjusted to maximize your design. Ebony



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