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Beautiful Edwardian Style Kitchen by Artichoke

This modern Edwardian style kitchen by Artichoke, is a bespoke design that incorporates multiple woods, metals and stone for a final result that is kitchen glamor at its best. The combination of cold stainless steel and warm copper creates the perfect balance, as does the white against natural oak cabinetry.

Aside from combining warm and cold elements, Cook’s kitchen also juxtaposes modern and traditional elements. Elements like the stunning contemporary copper and stainless steel La Cornue range cooker and extraction canopy – built to match the client’s copper pans. The hood boasts a clean modern profile while the stove presents a traditionally detailed facade.
The open shelving on either side of the stove is a blend – both trendy and classic in material and style. What makes these shelves so incredibly exciting is the material. The shelves are Italian black basalt stone while the brackets holding them up are Acero limestone.
The shelves create the perfect spot to showcase the homeowner’s copper collection, which sparkle against the pristine white Lefroy Brooks brick tiles.
Inset LED strip lighting is recessed in the underside of the stone shelves and invisibly wired through the stone support brackets.
Around the corner, the open shelving continues just high enough not to interrupt the function of the gooseneck faucet below. The faucet – just like the shelving – creates another perfect transition between traditional and contemporary.
Positioned between the stove and sink walls is an island of English oak and Italian black basalt stone. Here a secondary sink means there’s room for two when it comes to creating culinary masterpieces.
The island has been designed to offer the aesthetic of a piece of furniture rather than cabinetry. To reinforce this, it comes complete with an open shelf below and turned legs.
The turned legs are thick and chunky befitting an island of this size. It’s a grand statement for a grand kitchen.
Between the counter and the shelf, the island features a row of custom drawers designed to hold the homeowner’s collection of silverware, among other items.
A cutting board lifts up to reveal an organized stretch of knives, each with its own specific spot – keeping edges separate, safe and sharp.
The plate drawer is fitted with pegs to separate each stacked section, leaving just enough room between them to avoid touching. The pegs can be pulled up and reorganized at a moments whim.
And if cooking is not your thing, you can always relax on the benches across the room, below the windows and in-between the custom hand painted Sapele cabinetry.


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