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Rounded cabin design in Canadian cottage country

You wouldn’t suspect that the quiet, northern Ontario town of Parry Sound would be a hotspot for contemporary design, but Altius Architecture brings a modern edge to this small bay-side city surrounded by kettle lakes, islands and wind-swept trees – the very picture of Canada that has inspired so many Group Of Seven paintings. Originally built in the 1970s, this waterfront home was redesigned with a clean aesthetic that brings you back to a simpler life, but not quite like you’d expect here in cottage country. The cabin-inspired exterior makes way for minimalist interiors, where the unexpected awaits at every turn. From a semi-circular floor plan that maximizes views of Georgian Bay, to the modern three-sided fireplace reminiscent of a humble home, this house has it all.

The home’s rounded layout gives interiors curving walls that lead you through the entrance and into the main living area. Modern lighting illuminates the white brick wall, circling its way around the bay.
But who needs artificial lighting when you have a large skylight like this one? This window overhead provides natural light and blue-sky views.
Follow the rounded walls through this single-storey home. But one level does not mean little space. This 3,000-sq.-ft. house has room for living and lounging, with space to spare. Floor-to-ceiling windows turn the focus on the breathtaking views.
The curving hallway leads into an open-concept main living area leading into the open kitchen connected to a pantry and dining area.
Expansive glazing overlooks the water and trees, offering ever-changing views through the seasons. Known for its vibrant autumn colors, snow-blanketed winters, sunny springtime and lush leafy summers, this location is the perfect place for a house of views like this one.
Above the wall of windows, contemporary lighting highlights the vistas beyond the glass.
In the kitchen, a zigzagging countertop includes your traditional prep space and works its way around a retro-style dining nook.
A central island creates an efficient layout in terms of stove, sink and storage, making food prep and clean-up less of a chore.
Of course, with views like these, doing the dishes might not be such a bad thing?
As functional as it is, this ultra-modern kitchen makes a stylish hub for this home, and a cool, contemporary space for dining and entertaining.
This den is a cozy, comfortable and casual place to kick back and relax. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors offer easy access to an outdoor deck, and first-hand experience of nature at its best!
The main living area is centered around a three-sided fireplace facing a round book nook, the dining area, and kitchen.
Even the bedroom boasts a dreamy view of nature through sliding glass doors with a walk-out to a private patio. Above the glass, a lighted strip offers subtle illumination while highlighting the view.
In terms of style, the bedroom is simple, an ideal retreat for a little rest and relaxation. The bed is backed against a feature wall with openings on either end, offering privacy while maintaining some openness and flow into the rest of the home.
And how’s this for a little luxury here in cottage country? This curving, mirror-lined closet hallway bounces light between its walls and creates the sense of being in a bright white tunnel.
The bathroom is clean and open by design, with white tiled walls, a frameless glass shower, and a wall-to-wall mirror that visually doubles the room in size. A skylight overhead lets natural light pour in.
And lucky for family and friends who are itching for an overnight invite, this cool house has plenty of bedrooms to accommodate guests, each with its own access to the outdoors.
Altius Architecture
via Contemporist
photo credit: Jonathan Savoie


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