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Charming Rooms With All-Wood Ceilings

Whether you love the feel of wood in a room or you want to cozy up your space, an all-wood ceiling could be exactly what you need. They are cozy, welcoming, beautiful, and add that extra touch of character every room needs. Here are charming rooms that display how beautiful and intriguing an all-wood ceiling can be.

Dark Chestnut

Dark chestnut ceilings are gorgeous not only in a darker room but in an all-white space too. The reason being they add classic charm to the room without changing the decor or the color scheme. Add natural plants for a sothing feel that radiates throughout the entire room.

There is nothing that screams elegance quite like a dark chestnut ceiling, its dark, it’s rich, and it’s luxurious. Adding a simple chandelier will make the area seem less daunting yet more open and rich.

Contrast Pairing

The beauty of having two contrasting wood hues is that they outline the home in a welcoming way. Having this feature brings beauty and enlargement even int he smallest room. Pair with hints of leather for a beautiful pairing.

Why use one color when you can use two that contrast one another? There is no better way to incorporate your décor with your ceiling than to use a contrasting molding around your ceiling border. Keep the wood as contrasting as possible for the perfect distinction between the two.

Femininity at its Finest

If you are not fond of gray wood for a feminine touch in your bathroom, consider using it as part of your kitchen. The key is having the rich wood lines make a statement of their very own. Pair with similar hues for the perfect blend of similar colors. 

Any and every room can make use of a feminine touch, to bring that feminine vibe with wood, go for a lighter tone. Consider using a white, gray, or blond wood for that softer touch that radiates softness and beauty.

Rich and Masculine

Want a richer feel to your wood cielings? Go for a dark and masculine touch. Pair your dark ceilings with edgy light fixtures for a well-rounded appeal that is centered around the richness of the cielings. Pair with lighter hues to ensure the are still has that sleek, elegance to it.

For a richer and masculine touch opt for a daring walnut wood ceiling. It will cozy up the area while having a classic warmness. We love this idea as part of the kitchen, it’s something different and unique plus it allows you to work in beautiful rich shades of wood into your cabinetry.

Bring on the Lights

Whether you want to add boardering lights or simple light fixtures that fall from the ceiling the key is having enough lights that the wood feels grand yet welcoming to the room. Add multiple similar lights for a cohesive feel.

What better way to brighten a room up, then to add dimensional lighting around your wood ceiling. Strategically, placing your lights around the border of your ceiling creates a double dimensional, open living space.

Modern Rust

Whether you enjoy a traditional rustic touch or you would rather have a modern rustic touch, pairing your all-wood ceiling with white tiles is the perfect blend. The white tiles brign the space back to life in the most simple manner.

Who doesn’t love a rustic feel to a kitchen? It feels good, it looks good, and it’s easy to achieve. For a modern rustic take add a traditional wood ceiling and pair with white or black tiles. The tiles will feel grander due to the contrast between the two-color pairing.

Arched and Clean

There is something quite intriguing about having a dome-shaped ceiling. It expands the room while making the ceilings feel taller and larger this is perfect for smaller room. Use lighter hues if your room is smaller for an even grander effect.

Add an arched dome design for a new take on a classic wood ceiling. Doing so is different and engaging while guiding the eye and the focal point upward to ensure the room feel grand and welcoming. We love this look in a fun rustic living room.

Minimalistic and Relaxing

Dislike a matte wood look? If so consider a shiny wood cieling instead. The sleek shine from the ceiling will help with the contrast of the room while adding a hint of shine throughout.

For a unique contemporary take to your wood ceiling, go for a shiny look as an alternative to traditional matte ceilings. The silky shine brings a touch of modern while still having those classic wood ceiling lines. This works best in a calming bedroom.

White and Effortless

An all-white wood ceiling is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, it has the slick lines of a wood cieling while being spacious and open. Pair with other white bits to brighten the entire room.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, and keep it fresh with an all-white wood ceiling. Paint your ceiling white for that new effortless feel, the hue itself is one of those shades that simply works! It’s great for smaller rooms or even kitchens that need something new to revamp the area.

Industrial Chic

Showcasing your pipelines may not seem like something you want, but when it is in an industrial inspired space it completely transform the room. This is particuarly true when it is paired with a wood ceiling.

Take your all-wood ceiling to new heights by exposing ventilation, and pipelines. Doing so brings forth an industrial chic appearance, that is simple to achieve yet makes an outstanding impact on the room. This look tends to work best in an open, airy space.

Next time you are looking to upgrade your home, contemplate an all-wood ceiling. Let us know below how you would decorate your ceiling.


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