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Charming Porcelain Pendant Lamp Fuse by Note

charming porcelain pendant lamp fuse by note 1 thumb 630x356 20985 Charming Porcelain Pendant Lamp Fuse by Note

Talk about classic looking pendants – done in fine porcelain with a wooden ‘fuse’ in the top – it looks like a cork! Italian quality mixed with Nordic simplicity, this light will bring warmth to any room in the house. Available in two sizes and three colors, with a choice of cord, you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. A row of different sizes, shapes and cords (see below) creates a look that’s hard to beat. A very soft light and organic lines make this pendant a winner for over the sink, in the corner by a reading chair or a string of them along the breakfast bar or dining room table. Do you see how the light kind of emanates from the corked top as well as the main source, beneath the pendant? This piece also looks superb in a bathroom – in any room where a focused light source might be important. The colors, too, are organic. There are a lot of times you don’t want the lighting to be the star of the room – but you need it to accentuate and highlight with quality and style. This is one of those pieces, guaranteed to elevate the level of the stage.

charming porcelain pendant lamp fuse by note 2 thumb 630x356 20987 Charming Porcelain Pendant Lamp Fuse by Note

This pendant series has organic lines and colors.


It’s available in small or larger sizes.


Fine porcelain casts a soft light.


More information: Ex-t



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