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Anything But Boring Gray Bedrooms

Gray- a subtle color that some might assume is quite boring; however, we know better. Though the color might seem a bit on the subtle side, it is the perfect additive hue. Not only does it blend beautifully with other neutrals, but in a bright room, it becomes the main focus, as your eyes will look directly towards it. The following gray bedrooms are anything but boring and are sure to inspire you to try the charming hue in your bedroom.

Boho Chic

Bring in an extra dose of gray pattern to truly make the room come to life.

If you are using color and pattern gray will not seem as boring or dull, that is where adding a Boho chic twist will come into play. Add an abundance of patterns, textures and even artwork to truly bring life to the room. The idea is to have the room feel as fresh as possible without only using hues of gray. You want to have as much color as possible while having gray, be the statement element that brings it all together.

Wood Walls

If you really want to take it the extra mile add in gray wood panels for a chic rustic vibe

Did you ever think gray would look this great with wood panels? If you want to create a sexy atmosphere that screams charming and chic, adding wood walls is the way to go. Wood walls are not only back, but they look amazing when paired with a gray wall, there is something about the contrast that feels very elegant and cozy to the room.

Gray Rug

A simple gray rug can make a world of a difference in any room, not only make it chic but give it a brightening effect as well.

Not all walls need to be gray, sometimes you want to skip the gray walls and consider adding the hue in a different format. The best way to do this is by adding in a gray rug. Gray is still an exceptional color, but there is something that happens to it when it is added into a room with an appeal of its own. Therefore, bringing in a gray rug is an excellent option for those that need a grounding element.

Jewel Tones

The bolder your jewel tone the grander its appeal it will appear

Instead of using bright hue to brighten up a gray room, consider using jewel tones. They’re brightening without compromising the room’s aesthetic. Deep blues, purples, and greens are perfect for a brighter approach that doesn’t take away from the charm of the room. Add in brass elements for a warming effect.


Add an accent wall to make the room feel grander by simply blending in different hues of gray

Why use one shade of gray when you can use a multitude of them? Switch up your gray shades throughout the room for a welcoming effect, that feels cohesive and sleek. It’s all about getting the room to feel fresh while still using the same color palette throughout. Think of it as an easy way of using one hue and making it the main focus.

Keep it Neutral

Add darker neutrals for an edgy twist

When working with a neutral palette you might not consider having texture in it. However, having texture is quite easy to achieve. The key is working in gray hues that add some sort of character to them. It’s a stylish form of bringing a neutral room back to life. Add natural texture and embrace it as much as possible.

Pastel Pink

Bring in accents of pink to truly bring a feminine twist right where you want and need it most

Pink has yet to disappoint us. The hue blended in with gray makes a beautiful display that is subtle yet seamless. It’s a great way of making the room feel cozy and calm with a hint of color. A pastel shade will bring just the right dose of color, that does not take away from the room yet add bits of character. Consider pink for a feminine twist that embraces the appeal of the room.

Darker Shades

It’s a contrast that happens when you, add the darker hues that brings a classic soft edgy approach

For a bold appeal that makes the room feel edgy and sleek bring in a set of darker shades. Whether you use one deep shade of gray or you bring a multitude of them, the idea is to have them displayed throughout, so the room feels edgy yet chic. Furthermore, it enables you to blend in light bits for a cohesive contrast that makes sense to the room.

Bring in Some Black

The darker the shade of black you use, the better. It’s all about creating that contrasting approach that makes the room come to life in an overall manner.

It’s all about creating a contrasting approach and that can be done by using hues of black. Black is daring, bold and sleek while still helping enhance any color it is paired with. The key is working it into the areas of the room that feel empty or as if they need a little something extra. Work it in seamlessly and pairing it with other darker bits to ensure the black still feels sleek and modern.

Play with Texture

The more texture you add the better. Make it your accent wall for a true staple to the room.

Texture is one of the best ways of bringing style to a room. It enables you to bring your personality forward without taking away from it. You want the texture to be the focus of the room yet feel as seamless as possible. It might seem like a paradox, but it’s all about working on creating balance right where you need it most.

Which of these gray bedroom ideas are you most excited about? Share with us your ideas below


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