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Bedroom Changes That Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Sleep is an extremely important aspect in everyone’s life. It is said that most individuals spend one third of their lives sleeping. However, just because you are in bed does not mean your body and brain have fully shut off. Your room décor can actually make or break how well you sleep at night. The average adult should be sleeping 8-9 hours on a daily basis. Then again studies have shown that most adults are only sleeping 5-7 hours, which is not doing any benefits to the body. Your body needs to recover in order to function properly.

A few changes here and there can sleep you sleep better at night starting today. The following few changes can make your bedroom a better place for you to sleep at night tonight.

Darken up the Windows

Too much light entering a room is the number one reason why so many people have problems having a good sleep at night. Changing the shades or drapes in your bedroom to a darker color can be just what you need in order to keep the daylight out of your bedroom for as long as possible.

Add Lavender

Adding lavender to your bedroom décor can help your body relax and feel calm. Research has shown that a sniff of the lavender scent causes the brain to slowly want to shut down. Therefore, it is a great idea to have a lavender scented candle, lavender flowers or the aroma of lavender in the bedroom before you go to sleep.

New Bed Sheets

Feeling comfortable is always a priority when you want to achieve a good night’s sleep. Having new bed sheets can create just that. It will give you the sense of relaxation and comfort that you need to have a good night’s sleep. This can create the perfect relaxing ambiance to help you sleep.

Include a Fan or Two

It has been shown that your bedroom thermostat should be set between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit the reason being research has shown that individuals sleep better in a cooler room. The reason being slipping into a cold room generates the body to drop in temperature. This will cause the body to create melatonin, which in return will generate sleep.

Add More Pillows

Although, it has been shown that too many pillows can cause a misalignment in your spine. Having enough pillows can actually help your spine be in the position that is best to help you sleep. The perfect amount, of pillows, will prop your head up enough to create a straight line between your neck and your head creating the perfect alignment.

Create Ambiance with Candles

Creating a calming ambiance is a great way to relax. Once you feel relaxed you will want to doze off and have a great night’s sleep. One excellent way to create ambiance is by having candles in your bedroom. Candles give warm lighting to any room and generate a cooling effect which is great to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Dark Colors are Better

Changing the colors of your bedroom into darker tones work wonders to bring in a relaxing atmosphere that also remains cozy even during the day. Dark tones help the brain slowly shut off and relax, which is what you want when you are looking to unwind.

Remove Electronics

Kick out electronics from your bedroom. Although, it may seem like a difficult task to do if you want to achieve a better not sleep, removing the distracting aspects out of a room can be your best bet. The glowing lights and EMFs can cause you to not want to power down at night.

Insert Books into Your Décor 

The more books you have integrated into your décor the more likely you are to read them. Reading a book at night can help you calm down and want to doze off as quickly as possible. It is also a great way to exercise the brain in a noncommittal way.

Change the Way Your Alarm Clock Faces 

Blonde lying in bed and hitting alarm clock

Not only do you want to block out the light from the outside, you also want to block out the light from the inside. The number one culprit for bad lighting is your alarm clock. Alarm clocks have one of the worst lightings you can have in a bedroom. However, instead of removing it completely choose to make it face a wall or even cover it up at night to enhance your sleep.

These changes can make you have a better night’s sleep almost instantly. Let us know which bed room changes you want to try tonight below.



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