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Bathroom Glass Tile Ideas – glass tile backsplash by Evit

Italian design is never short on ideas, and modern bathroom company Evit has created these amazing bathroom glass tile backsplash collections that are each a work of art. Ranging in shape, size and color to offer a full spectrum, these bathroom glass tile ideas will make your next bathroom redesign nothing short of spectacular, and you’re bound only by your imagination. These modern bathroom mosaics mimic a geometric honeycomb, razor-sharp shards of glass, softly circular drops or gleaming metallics. The round, cool composition of Iceberg (top picture) and the contemporary, angular forms of Watercube (bottom picture) are each available in a choice of 69 hot colors in 300-by-300-mm tile or 300-by-100-mm tiles. When it comes to the bathroom tile backsplash, be inspired to create something truly show-stopping. Visit Evit.


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