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Bath Furniture from Legnox – the new Couture vanities from AdattoCasa line

Simple bath furniture wrapped in luscious textures, the new AdattoCasa Couture vanities capture the fashionable vibrancy of animal prints. From minimalist rectangular designs covered in leather textures to sweeping profiles bedecked in glamorous mosaic tile, the Legnox vanities bring high fashion to modern bathrooms. The Couture 03 features a single long unit in a reptilian leather finish. Stood upon slender steel legs and topped with a gleaming white countertop, the Couture 03 achieves a modern glamour and sparkle. In contrast the Couture 01 features a simple arching frame to create a brilliant surface across which to tile gorgeous zebra and giraffe patterns. The perfect pedestal on which to display modern and primitive basins, the Couture 01 adds ethnic character and beauty to contemporary bathrooms. Brilliant new designs from Legnox, the AdattoCasa Couture vanities blend natural elegance with modern style.



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